Spring Rolls

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Sweet Roasted Figs

These delightfully simple roasted figs are the perfect dessert on a summer night. Serve with yogurt and granola for a nice treat.

Fig, Apple and Balsamic Chutney

  This delicious chutney can be used in so many ways! Try it with your favorite cheese, bread or crackers. Pork and turkey can also get a flavor boost from this chutney.

Easy Granola

  Granola is a sweet and crunchy treat made with whole grain oats and any combination of additions, such as raisins, cranberries and nuts. Enjoy it alone or as a crunchy addition to yogurt and fresh fruit.

Fresh Fruit with Cinnamon Yogurt Dip

  This is a cool, refreshing way to eat more fruit. Enjoy as an after school snack or anytime you need a little energy. Kids especially love to dip fruits and veggies into a tasty sauce.

Tuna Apple Salad

  Keep a bowl of this crunchy salad in the fridge for a quick snack or lunch.  This version of the family favorite uses Italian dressing instead of mayonnaise. It is a simple recipe which can be varied according to your family’s taste. 

Papaya Salsa

  If you have ever wondered what to do with a papaya, try this juicy salsa. It makes a great snack with chips or a sweet and spicy companion for grilled meat and poultry.

Frozen Fruit Cups

  What could be cooler and healthier than frozen fruit and yogurt? Make these with any fruit combination for a winning summer treat!

Popcorn Treats

  Popcorn is a healthy whole grain. It is often thought of as an unhealthy snack because often too much fat and salt are added. Making treats yourself allows you to control the ingredients and is much cheaper than commercially prepared treats.

Strawberry Yogurt Pops

  Try this cool, fruity treat on a warm day. It’s a simple, healthy snack that you can feel good about. Kids will enjoy making and eating these healthy pops!

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