10 Recipes Under $10

In celebration of 10 wonderful years of Cooking Matters here at TAFB, we’re giving you our best list of fast, easy, healthy, delicious recipes that will cost you $10 or less to make. Each recipe feeds at least four people. We’ve included several of our Cooking Matters favorites, and some others we’ve discovered along the way.

1. Veggie Wraps

We love making these veggie wraps out in the community. It’s one of those recipes where people already know they aren’t going to like it. We always get asked, “What about some meat?!” One bite later and they don’t miss it at all.

2. Turkey Burger Macaroni

This is a comfort-food favorite in so many of our classes. It’s simple, homey, and just as easy as any ‘helper’ out there. The only difference is you can make it from things you already have on hand and it has two-thirds less sodium per serving.

3. Stuffed Baked Potatoes

Like the fried rice formula, there’s endless ways to make this delicious. This recipe is a favorite because it uses the slow cooker to bake the potatoes while you’re doing other things all day.  Don’t have a slow cooker? No problem! Just bake potatoes in the oven while you make one of the delicious fillings.

4. Turkey Chili with Vegetables

Die-hard chili fanatics may tell you that chili is no place for vegetables. They would be wrong, because a bowl of this chili is just as hearty and delicious as any made out on the chuck wagon in days gone by.

5. Veggie and Rice Stir-Fry

This stir-fry inspired recipe is as fast and fresh as it is filling. We recommend you splurge on a small piece of fresh ginger root. It’s a game changer.

6. Ratatouille

Featuring zucchini and yellow squash, this recipe calls out memories of summer. Since these ingredients are affordable all year long, it’s a good way to lighten things up from heavier fall and winter fare and still serve a warm meal.

7. Greek Fried Rice

We love recipes that start with something you already have on hand! This is the go-to when you have rice left over from another meal. Using the simple formula of rice + oil + veggies + protein + aromatics + garnish, the possibilities are endless. However, this Greek version is our absolute favorite fusion of East meets Middle East.

8. Sloppy Cubanos

Ready for a grown-up version of the good ol’ sloppy joe? With a rich, tomato-y sauce covering a mix of ground pork and chorizo all loaded up on a crusty roll, you’ll feel like a wide-eyed kid again. Serve with a small green salad or some tangy coleslaw.

9. Spaghetti Squash with Spicy Sausage

We made this up on one of those nights when the kitchen seemed bare and we needed to work with what we had. Its charm is in its simplicity. Well, that and spicy sausage.

10. Shoyu Chicken with Rice

This tasty number comes straight from the Hawaiian Islands. It’s simple, quick to put together, and can feed a crowd without breaking the bank. We like to serve it with some quick, stir-fried garlic broccoli.

Interested in more recipes under $10? Our Cooking Matters program provides budget friendly recipes the whole family can enjoy. Tarrant Area Food Bank provides free Cooking Matters courses and workshops throughout the year. Visit our program page to learn more.

By Micheline Hynes
Nutrition Services Manager, Tarrant Area Food Bank

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