The City of Fort Worth is wrapping up its 2019 community-wide food drive to support Tarrant Area Food Bank. The drive has been running every summer for more than 20 years. In 2018, Fort Worth raised $48,000 and 17,000 pounds of food. Their hard work helps provide needed meals for children who lose access to free and reduced-price school meals during the summer months.

Selena Ala, senior administrative assistant for the Municipal Court, said that it has been great to see City departments come together to help end hunger.

“It is truly an honor to be a part of the team of City employees that work hard to do engaging fun events for our fellow coworkers that benefit Tarrant Area Food Bank,” said Selena. The Municipal Court spearheaded the 2018 drive and stepped up to lead the 2019 as well.

Creativity Drives Success

Theresa Ewing, the court’s director, said friendly competition among City departments has contributed to the drive’s success. Departments and neighborhoods have participated in weekly fundraisers, an online auction, a virtual food drive, ice bucket challenges and more.

In addition, the City hosted its first City of Fort Worth Farmers Market this year. More than 25 vendors participated, including several City departments. The market took place at City Hall where visitors were able to buy farm-fresh eggs, arts and crafts and more. All proceeds contributed to the food drive.

Hunger Affects Everyone

Selena said she believes it’s important to support Tarrant Area Food Bank because hunger can and does affect all of us as a community.

“There are financial circumstances that can arise in our lives, whether temporary or long-term, that could involve food insecurity issues. It’s reassuring to know that organizations like the Tarrant Area Food Bank are there to help us through those difficult moments.”

For Theresa, the cause of hunger relief hits close to home. Many years ago she herself turned to a local food pantry for help feeding her children. “If [residents’] needs aren’t met, it creates barriers,” shared Theresa. “[The drive] shows the city cares.”

Twenty-three City of Fort Worth departments and seven neighborhood associations are participating in this year’s drive. With their help and your help, we can make sure that families have food this summer and beyond.

Two Ways You Can Help This Summer

1. Take a minute to make a donation.

Every $10 donation provides access to 50 meals for children and families across our community.


2. Start a food drive.

Start a virtual food drive on or run a food drive to collect kid-friendly snacks.

Snacks to collect
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