How to Make Seed Paper

Seed paper is the gift that keeps on…growing! Once planted, this decorative recycled paper will grow into microgreens, flowers, herbs and small veggies. The next time you want to give a unique gift to a friend or family member, consider seed paper. It’s a great twist on gifting a potted plant or bouquet of flowers. In the video below, TAFB Community Garden Coordinator Becca Knutson shows you how to make seed paper. We’ve also included a list of all the tools you’ll need to get started.

Tools and Materials
  • Blender
  • Screened frame
  • Tray or pan
  • Seeds (microgreens, flowers, herbs, small veggies)
  • Two sheets of newspaper
  • Two sheets of construction paper
  • Pitcher of water

1. Tear two sheets of newspaper into small pieces.

2. Tear up two sheets of colored construction paper.

3. Add your newspaper and construction paper to a blender and cover with water.

4. Blend until you have a nice runny pulp.

5. Select your seeds.

6. Set a screened frame on a tray or pan.

7. Set cookie cutters on the screen and fill it with pulp.

8. Gently press out some of the water from the pulp.

9. Add your seeds and lightly press them into the pulp.

10. To prevent mildew, gently press out most of the remaining water.

11. Wait for seed paper to dry.

12. Once dry, you can gift wrap your seeds to share with friends and family. From there, they can use the seed paper like they would use seeds.

13. Place the seed paper in a pot and cover with soil.

14. Water the seeds, put pot in a well-lit area and wait for seeds to grow.

If you’re interested in learning more about gardening, Tarrant Area Food Bank provides training and tools to help you get started. Learn more about our work and flex your green thumb in one of our upcoming workshops.

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