How Toolset Plugin Helps Fill Empty Plates

In October 2015 Tarrant Area Food Bank launched its redesigned website. Through the redesign, our goal was to make sure that was a place where people in our community could easily get involved. With the launch of our new site, we introduced several new features. These features were made possible by the innovative Toolset plugin. Toolset enabled us to create custom categories on our website that make it easy for people to:

In the future this creative plugin may make it even easier to search for stories, healthy recipes and more on our blog. It may also help us improve aspects of our Find Food map, which helps people in need of food assistance. At the end of the day, Toolset has helped us fill empty plates by making our website easier to navigate.

If you have thoughts or suggestions on how to improve our website, please contact us at There may be a great tool for that!

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