Not-So-Kid-Friendly Snacks for the Car

Like a lot of families, you might be hitting the open road with your kids this Memorial Day weekend. You’ve confirmed your destination, the bags are lined up at the door, and your snacks for the car are packed. But are you sure you have the right ones?

Being people who know something about food, we polled our Tarrant Area Food Bank moms, dads, and grandparents and asked, “What snacks are NOT allowed in the car with your children or grandchildren?” While some responses were unanimous, others were quite surprising. Here’s the breakdown of what NOT to hit the road with this holiday.


It does a body good, but not that new car smell. Of the parent’s talked to, most had milk at the top of their list of drinks NOT allowed in the car.


It melts in your mouth and in your car. Also banned by some, are gummy snacks and any candy that will melt. They give new meaning to “one sweet ride.”

Sticky Treats

Other food items that are outlawed from cars by most of the parents we talked to are gum and peanut butter. Apparently the latter of the two can leave behind quite a mess when used in a food fight.

Things That Make You Go … Orange

Literally. The reason these snacks are popular with children and adults is the same reason they are not allowed to be consumed in the car. The delectable, orange powder that flavors chips and cheese puffs is not so appetizing when the interior of your car is used as a napkin. Not to mention the crumbs that chips and cheese puffs leave behind. No bueno.

Better Snacks for the Car

But not to worry parents. TAFB Cooking Matters Coordinator Connie Jones has a few suggestions to help relieve your child’s hunger and your angst over a messy car. Offer children cereals that don’t crumble, dried fruit, string or cubed cheese and sliced fruits and vegetables. Jeff Akers, TAFB Director of Technology, offered the following advice too. Provide covers to your child’s drink. Then restrictions on what they drink can be removed.

No matter what snacks you choose to take on your next family road trip, everyone at TAFB hopes you have a safe and happy Memorial Day weekend.

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