Volunteer Margaret Hampton Shares Why Cooking Matters

Margaret Hampton has volunteered with Tarrant Area Food Bank for four years. Her passion: cooking. As a culinary instructor for Cooking Matters, Margaret has had an opportunity to help people learn how to eat healthy on a budget. Outside of her work with Cooking Matters, Margaret, a retired risk manager for the City of Cleburne, has also volunteered at East Cleburne Community Center, mentored pregnant teens and volunteered on a crisis phone line.

We asked Margaret to share about her experience as a volunteer with Cooking Matters. Read on to find out why the program means so much to her.

How did you become involved with TAFB?

I was contacted by a friend because the program was looking for chefs in the Johnson County area. My friend knew I had just completed culinary school and enjoy cooking. Cooking Matters  was a great fit to combine cooking and volunteering.

What was your best class experience?

I have thoroughly enjoyed every class. There was a class where all the participants were very involved and I think that was my best class.

What is something you have learned by teaching Cooking Matters classes?

Teaching this class has taught me that most people truly want to eat healthy but they just don’t always have the food or the resources.

What is your favorite part of the Cooking Matters class?

My favorite part of this class is the interaction with participants. Sharing cooking tips and recipes always seems to go over well.

What advice do you have for other volunteers?

The best advice I can suggest is to have fun and treat everyone as if they’re family or friends. Volunteering requires a selfless person, one that loves ALL people no matter what walk of life they are in or have been through.

Make a Difference as a Volunteer

There are many opportunities for you to volunteer with Cooking Matters. To learn about the different ways you can help, read this article.

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