Celebrate the man who was there with a hug when you scraped your knee, showed you how to catch your first fish, and taught you how to drive your first car. This man has seen you through thick and thin, so show him how important he is by preparing the most important meal of the day for him. Gather the rest of your family to help with the prep work for this Father’s Day recipe.

Our Nutrition Services team put the following breakfast burrito recipe together and added egg to the mix for additional protein. Once prepared, garnish with sliced avocado or guacamole. Spice up the dipping sauce by mixing equal parts yogurt and salsa.

Father’s Day Recipe – Breakfast Burrito

1. Wash and chop all vegetables. Drain and rinse black beans.

2. In a large bowl, lightly mash beans; add onion and tomatoes.

3. Gently scramble egg and cook in a shallow pan.

4. Microwave tortillas between two sheets of slightly damp paper towels on high for 15 seconds.

5. Place each tortilla on a plate and divide bean mixture between the tortillas. Add egg and then the salsa and cilantro. Fold each tortilla to enclose filling.

6. Serve with yogurt on the side for dipping.

Cooking Tips
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