The Healthy Pantry Project: 5 Ways Our Partner Agencies Are Improving Healthy Options

Tarrant Area Food Bank (TAFB) Partner Agencies are nothing short of incredible! They have pivoted multiple times to continue safely distributing food in an unprecedented time. In addition to these phenomenal efforts, many of these Partner Agencies are also committing to join the Healthy Pantry Project, a new TAFB initiative to improve health. Tarrant Area Food Bank is proud to support and recognize these agencies who go above and beyond to meet the needs of the people they serve! Here are some of the healthy options they will choose from to increase health over the next year.


Healthy Pantry Project partners will work to increase the availability and variety of nutrient-dense foods that nourish and help prevent disease, such as:

  • Fresh produce
  • High quality, healthy frozen vegetables and fruits
  • Lean proteins and eggs
  • Low-fat dairy
  • Whole grains
  • Canned foods that are low in sodium, sugar and fat


Healthy Pantry Project partners know that people want to provide the best for their families. These agencies understand that people often navigate through many difficult circumstances to make that happen. Healthy Pantry Project partners are committed to making efforts that make the healthy choice the easy choice.

  • Healthy foods are well labeled, attractive, and displayed in areas that are easy to get to so that shoppers can easily choose healthy foods for their family.
  • Recipes and demonstrations are provided to help shoppers know how to prepare healthy foods in a delicious way.
  • Healthy foods may even be grouped together with all the ingredients for a recipe.



Healthy Pantry Project partners work to support the people they serve by providing opportunities for education and helping clients sign up for additional assistance. These partners understand that it is easier for families to eat healthy foods when they can learn how to prepare them and have the resources to purchase what they need.

  • Classes offered through Tarrant Area Food Bank are made available through Healthy Pantry Project partners. Classes help people learn how to select and prepare healthy ingredients, plan menus, budget resources and grow food at home.
  • GoHealthy Tip Sheets can be provided to help people learn about healthy habits.
  • Partners work to connect people with TAFB when they need help signing up for community resources such as SNAP.


Healthy Pantry Project partners work to make sure their space, staff and volunteers are able to support the important work of encouraging people in efforts to make healthy choices.

  • As needed, partners may work to increase display space for healthy food items.
  • Staff and volunteers receive technical support and training in promoting healthy foods and resources.
  • Volunteers are shown increased appreciation for the work they are doing to support a healthy community.



Healthy Pantry Project partners create long-term, sustainable results. They work to weave healthy choices into the fiber of their organizations by:

  • Writing nutrition policies to help guide future decision making.
  • Building relationships with donors and/or growers that can provide nutritious food.
  • Developing systems that help volunteers consistently display healthy foods in encouraging ways and encourage shoppers to try them.



Congratulations to the following Partner Agencies for joining the Healthy Pantry Project!

Check back throughout the year to see new Partner Agencies as they join! TAFB looks forward to sharing success stories about their efforts to support a healthy community full of healthy people!

  • Arlington Urban Ministries
  • May Street Market at Broadway Baptist Church
  • CareMore Clinic
  • Community Table
  • Grace Temple
  • Mansfield Mission Center
  • 4Saints Episcopal Food Pantry
  • First H.A.N.D. Pantry at Community Crossroads
  • WestAid
  • Arlington Charities

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