• How do I know when the Tarrant Area Food Bank is giving away food… I saw on channel 8 news on this Saturday morning that they were at Globe Life Park in Arlington so I went there to get food for me and my family and was not able to find where they were.., after asking several of the people that was in that station area but kept going around in circles.. so frustrating… no food….
    Is there some way I can receive notifications of the dates and times that I can go and get food in Tarrant County at the different locations in advance? Thank you sincerely

    • We have distributions happening every day of the week all across North Texas. To find out locations near you, type your zip code into the webpage at If it doesn’t list a time for a location you’d like to visit, give them a call and ask for their hours. If you need more help, please feel free to reach out and message us on Facebook!

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